My primary focus in collecting over the past 46 years has been English antique furniture, and related decorative arts of the 17th- to 19th-centuries, and even the 20th-century.

I joined the family firm, Vernay & Jussel, Inc. in New York City in 1972. Originally founded by Arthur S. Vernay in 1906, the firm handled many important pieces of English furniture over the years and supplied many major museums in the United States and Europe with fine English furniture.

Pieces that inspire me to collect today are those that express a quality of design, and those that exhibit quality of workmanship in the execution of this design. I am particularly keen on patination, original finish whenever possible, vibrant color and good-quality carving. Beauty, utility, quality, condition and authenticity are the all important criteria one must adhere to in collecting. I try to do that with everything I buy, and offer here for your interest.

I look for more unique things & hope you all will enjoy perusing through the current inventory.

Please contact me directly about any of the items you see on this site.